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By Leo Flanagan

The day before a national draft in a bookshop hide two Feathers. They will soon part ways, on the run from the district's draft board, to find their sanctuary in the north. Before they both leave, they have one final visitor to their shop. When does patriotism become ignorance and when does morality become cowardice?⁣

Nathan Chatelier as Kaleb in Gutter Street's Feathers
Gutter Street presents Feathers
Gutter Street presents Feathers - David Guthrie
Gutter Street presents Feathers - David Guthrie
Gutter Street presents Feathers - David Guthrie

'Undeniably thought-provoking' -The Indiependent

'Makes the audience question their own actions and opinions' -WITHIN HER WORDS

'But what are they demonstrating? We’re all gone tomorrow, there’s no one to demonstrate against.'


Feathers was first performed at The Calder Bookshop Theatre in September 2020


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Gutter Street presents Feathers

'Together we thrive.'


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Maxwell Hayes as Berniston in Gutter Street's Nowhere Orange
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