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...To the Waveshack. This is the secret radio station, playing all original songs and music from the long unending road. We we will be highlighting a new song every-time we get some signal...which isn't that often...but we'll try our best! And the first song we will be listening to is the influential protest song; 'Together We Thrive'!


Written during The Draft of the districts this song is a somewhat veiled antiwar tune. It takes aim at District leaders and questions their true motives behind the infamous draft.


'Their lies lay hidden deep in their smiles'

The singer follows a bird taking flight hoping it will pick them up away from their current situation, and join them in the sky. At the time it was hailed as a pro-district song for it's use of the propaganda slogan 'Together We Thrive' which was used on many posters to encourage people to sign up to The Draft. It was soon adopted by 'The Feathers' movement as the singers true intention with the song became more widely known. 


Not much is known about the singers fate, if he managed to escape The Draft or if he was in the end sent 'over and in'. What we do know is this song stands as an example of a divided period of our history, and one where we here at The Waveshack will never forget. So take to the sky and have a listen to 'Together We Thrive'.

Together We Thrive
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