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By Josh Barrow

At the end of the road, at the end of the world, stands the lonely Red Road Tavern. Two writers sit and drink, planning their revolution against the outside world. There is only one problem; they don’t have a pen. Their peace is disturbed by the arrival of a stranger who is about to turn their world upside down, for better and for worse. Have the writers beaten their enemy without making a single note? Who is the real enemy? And who is the sad girl with the happy stories?

Gabriel Akamo as Renford in Gutter Street's Nowhere Orange

‘Where are you going?

I don’t know. Away.

It’s lovely there.

Always looks better in the brochure.’

'A challenging and layered piece of theatre which point blank refuses to give its audience easy answers.' - Theatre Weekly

'Onwards Berniston!'


Nowhere Orange was first performed at Theatre N16 in September 2018


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Read blog post by writer Josh Barrow about his debut play with Gutter Street.

Josh Barrow Gutter Street


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Charlotte Keith as Cecily in Gutter Street Play Feathers
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